American Exteriors – Another Excellent Homeowner Review!

Dear American Exteriors,

It has been a pleasure doing business with your company, and I look forward to replacing more windows in the future with this same kind.

From the moment that a knock came at our door to the moment the installers left, working with American Exteriors and having their windows has been a pleasure 99% of the time. American Exteriors had to reschedule with us at least 3 times before a salesman could come out and demonstrate their windows to us. It was becoming rather humorous, after a while, but then it turned out that it must have been a big cosmic “it was meant to be” kind of moment. Jack Arnold was our salesman, someone with whom we were familiar and trusted. The sales experience went well, and he handled it all with grace.

After ordering, our windows arrived within 3 weeks or so and our installers did a fine job, except for a minor issue which they solved immediately, and to my complete satisfaction. We are quite happy with our new windows. Our bedroom, which used to get either very hot or very cold, has stayed fairly moderate in temperature since the new windows were put in. Another plus that I noticed is their sound dampening qualities. My neighbor has a very loud car and the other morning he started it up, and while I could hear it, the sound was more like something almost a block away rather than right across the street from us. That is a huge plus, especially considering that these nice double-paned windows were replacing older aluminum framed triple paned windows! The best part is how easily our new windows operate. I no longer have to throw my whole body’s weight into sliding them open or closed, and they lock so easily too.

I highly recommend replacing windows with American Exteriors’ products. They treat you right, from the beginning, until you are done with your home!


Christina Baily

What an excellent review on our product by these homeowners! For more information on your own energy efficient vinyl windows or siding project please contact us at American Exteriors!

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