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5 Best Reasons To Replace Your Windows from American Exteriors

There are many reasons why homeowners choose American Exteriors as their energy efficient window replacement manufacturer. American Exteriors has dealt with countless homeowners and have tailored our processes to address the top 5 reasons why homeowners choose to replace their windows with an American Exterior energy efficient window product.

Improving the look of the home –

By replacing windows that may be older, this will increase the attractiveness and curb appeal of the home.

Improving the insulation of the home –

As windows age, there are many things which can affect the performance of the window. Decayed caulking, gaps in the frame and ill fitting windows could allow the outside element to penetrate the home envelop. Energy efficient replacement windows from American Exteriors are custom manufactured to help to seal the home from seepage. As well, the energy efficient properties of the window act as a barrier to seal in the home

Improving the value of the home –

According to the Remodeling Magazine’s Annual Cost vs Value report, homeowners can recoup, on average, between 70-75 percent of the cost of replacement windows.

Warranty –

As the manufacturer of energy efficient replacement windows with over 25 years in the industry. American Exteriors has demonstrated with its longevity that it is around to stay. That means for service issues which may arise, the aggressive warranty of American Exteriors is of value more than the paper it is printed on

Reducing Outside Noise

One of the most unexpected benefits of the windows is the reduction of noise pollution in the home. Homeowners are often impressed by the amount of noise reduced by the energy efficient replacement windows of American Exteriors.

If you would like more information on how American Exteriors replacement energy efficient windows can improve your home, please contact us at