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The Benefits Of Replacing A Few Windows At A Time With American Exteriors

There are many home improvement projects which homeowners would like to do to their homes, but due to the cost involved at times it may not be the right time. American Exteriors has worked with homeowners for over 30 years to ensure that we are able to establish a relationship with any who have a need and interest, this includes those whose finances may not enable them to complete a whole home renovation at one time. By replacing a few of your existing windows with an energy efficient product in rooms where there is the most activity has been shown to improve the overall comfort of the home and even improve the utility cost of the home. Although the savings may not be as dramatic as replacing all of the existing windows in the home with an energy efficient replacement window, when looking for ways to cut energy costs, every little bit helps. 


I apologize for being so slow to answer but when I would think of it I couldn’t and when I could I wouldn’t think of it.

Before we did the first half of the house the air conditioner was working all of the time and not doing a very good job. After the first half were done it really made a difference and when we did the rest of the house this year it has made a vast difference. We really like the windows and are enjoying them every day. And it is still a treat to be able to look out the picture window and be able to see out!

Thank You
Lynn & Lucille.

From this homeowners window review, by replacing a few of the windows at a time worked out well for them and may be an option for you as well. If you would like additional information regarding our programs available, please contact us at