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A Satisfying Experience With American Exteriors

There are many reasons homeowners enjoy working with American Exteriors. From our premium, custom manufactured replacement window, to our professional and courteous installation process, to our various departments ensuring that the needs of the homeowners are met, American Exteriors works diligently to ensure an overall satisfying experience.

Here is a homeowners review which is a great testament to our process.

Dear American Exteriors,

We have thoroughly enjoyed having new windows in our home. The windows seem bigger because they fit so well and add a great deal of comfort to our home. Over the last week with the new windows it has been very cold outside. We have enjoyed having a home that is toasty warm and consistent temperature through out. Before we had to avoid the window areas or place many blankets around the windows to retain the heat.

The installers that put our windows in were very professional and courteous. They helped make the over all experience quite pleasant. The sales representative was friendly and likable but he left some of our questions unanswered. When we called in with our questions the management staff was ready to set our minds at ease. We received several calls from various departments making sure our concerns and needs were met. All in all we have had a satisfying experience working with your company.

Michael and Emily Hopkins

If you are interested in more information concerning how American Exteriors can assist you with your next home remodeling or home improvement project, please visit our website at