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American Exteriors – A Homeowner Review with Elaine

Have you considered having your windows replaced but have just not moved forward? Here is a great homeowner review from just a customer and her advice on when the best time to replace your windows is.


My name is Elaine and American Exteriors did my windows. They did them in February. From the time that the representative came out to place the order to the time that they measured and installed was a very reasonable time. The young man that came out, there were two of them, to install the windows – they were very professional and to me they were quick and I have no problem with the way they installed the windows. They did it very well and I could tell the difference right away, in the drafts in the windows, it’s just not there that we had before. The ventilation in the house now in the summertime is much better. The house stays cooler and I notice that even in the short time that I had them during the winter and even now the house is warmer.

Sitting in the wintertime, you can feel more of the cold than when you are gone for 8 hours or more a day that I just decided that I needed to do that, I needed to get windows, so…

If you are in the market to buy windows, do it! Because the sooner you do it the more energy you will save whether its winter or summer on the air conditioning. It helps keep the heat out and in the winter it helps keep the heat in. Because those old windows, I had them, this house is 45 years old and I had never got windows before so it’s made a tremendous difference in the heating bill. Of course, I got a new furnace too.

When my brother came to visit, he goes, ‘oh you got new windows’! I mean, that’s the first thing he said when he walked in the door. So they could see a difference on the outlook of the front of the house. How much nicer it looked! And they were inquiring, how was it, have you had them in the winter time yet? They wanted to know how the windows were working.

We don’t get the sun in that window anyway so he isn’t freezing his butt off in the winter anymore. There was frost inside the window and it would be wet so he would touch it and now he loves that window, that’s his spot where he watches everything.