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American Exteriors – A Window Review Worth Sharing

There are some reviews that do not need any introduction at all. This is one such.

My 1949 ranch home was built with wooden double-hung single-pane windows that required glass storm windows to be put in place every winter and then replaced with screens every spring.  The windows were very drafty and required plastic sheeting be put up on the inside every winter despite having the storm windows in place.  The wooden window frames needed to be scraped and repainted every couple of years and the window glazing (putty) also needed to be replaced every few years because it would crack and crumble, then the glass would rattle inside the frames whenever a big truck drove down the street.  Despite being double-hung, the windows would swell up, so the top halves of the windows could never be opened, essentially leaving us with single-hung windows.

Then along came American Exteriors.  They sold us triple-pane vinyl replacement windows with low-E glass.  We chose double sliders to replace our double-mulled (two windows side-by-side in each opening) double hung windows because we would lose the least amount of glass area per opening.  In fact, removing the central “mull” actually gained us a little bit more viewable glass area than we had before.  The custom-sized windows were ordered and ready within only 2 weeks!

The installers showed up right on time, were very professional, and answered all of my questions.  They hauled off all of the old windows, including the storm inserts and screens from 13 windows.  That saves me from the hassle of having to store them all up in my attic anymore.  Despite it being 100+ degrees that day, they were able to remove the old windows from 8 openings and get the new windows in place in about 3 hours.  The rest of the time was spent getting the windows trimmed inside and out, including metal flashing on the outer window sashes and sills.  The flashing will keep me from having to scrape and paint the outside of my windows ever again.  The low-E glass gives the windows a very dark tinted look when viewed from the outside during the daytime.  This was a privacy feature that I didn’t expect, but certainly like very much.  I also noticed when standing directly behind the new windows when the sun is shining right on them, is that I felt absolutely zero heat transfer.  The triple-pane glass also really reduces outside noise.  We live on a busy street and now can barely hear when big trucks drive by.  Out central air conditioner is located directly below one of the new windows in the living room.  Even standing right at the window, you couldn’t even tell that the A/C unit is running, unless you saw that the fan blades were spinning !

Two weeks after the windows were installed, I contacted American Exteriors customer service via their website.  I thought that I had an issue with the safety latches being slightly below the window track and that I wouldn’t be able to pop the stops out.  I was called by a representative within a half hour!  They set up an appointment to have an installer return to the house the very next day.  Wow.  Now that’s service.  The safety stops function just fine and my concern turned out to be a non-issue.  But their prompt attention to my concern and willingness to correct the problem almost immediately was what really blew me away.

Because our consumer credit score is not the greatest, we could not get bank approval to have all of our windows replaced at one time.  However, be assured, that once we’ve paid down our bill sufficiently, we intend to have American Exteriors come back and tackle the rest of our windows, particularly a very large (and expensive) picture window in the living room.  It’ll be nice to have a functional opening window there so we’ll finally be able to get some cross-ventilation in the living room during the pleasant spring months (before the A/C is needed) and in the fall (before the furnace is needed).

I would highly recommend American Exteriors to anyone here in the Midwest who’s tired of dealing with drafty wooden storm windows.  Their product is outstanding and their customer service is even better!

Cary “Smitty” Smithson Bellevue, NE

If you would like to repeat the experience of this homeowner, please, contact American Exteriors at