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American Exteriors – Another Satisfied Customer

This homeowner is a very satisfied customer! She noticed the temperature control in her home the day after her new energy efficient American Exteriors’ windows were installed! The noise from outside is staying outside now and there are no more drafts! Read more about her home improvement experience below.

My Name is Brittany Conway and I recently got new windows in my home by American Exteriors. I LOVE THEM! The next day I noticed my home staying a lot cooler, I was able to have my blinds open and not have a glare in my eyes as I was doing the dishes. When my husband and I go to bed at night, all we hear is silence, where before all we could here were sounds from the highway – and a ‘whistling’ sound from the air blowing through the windows (even though they were closed all the way). I feel that I get better night’s sleep and so does my husband. Now, my son’s room is down stairs and it was always dark down there and I hated it. But now that we have new windows my son’s room is much, much brighter as well as our guest room!  So now my whole downstairs is a bright and happy place. The men that came to install the windows were great and so friendly. They made conversation with my husband and me and were great with my animals, and wow! Did they ever move fast! They also cleaned up the entire mess. If you are looking to install new windows I recommend you go with American Exteriors. They are nice, friendly and they have great affordable payment plans for you that actually work for you and your budget. And last but not least they actually have a product that has a lifetime warranty – and that is something that everyone wants to hear.


Adam & Brittany Conway

As you can see this is a very satisfied customer of American Exteriors. She found energy efficient windows that helped with all her issues that her old windows presented. If you want more information on your own energy efficient windows or siding please contact us at American Exteriors.