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American Exteriors: World Habitat Day


American Exteriors regularly  teams up with Habitat for Humanity to contribute to their community outreach efforts.

On Monday June 2, 2014  American Exteriors was a platinum sponsor of the Habitat for Humanity Golf Classic. At this event over $45,000 was raised! This is over half the $80,000 needed to build a home for a family in need.

FIrst Row: David Robinson (Install Service), ........

Back Row (left to right): Dawn Battaglia (Install Service), Jameka Spencer (Install Service), Kristi Bishop (HR), Wayne Nelson (Canvass), David Fuller (Sales), Andrew Price (TSR), Ashley Hawkins (Referrals), Kevin Howsare (TSR). Front Row: David Robertson (Install Service) and Dee Anna Grismore (HR)

On Saturday September 27,  in honor of World Habitat Day -ten American Exteriors employees from the corporate office in Littleton, Colorado and two other states continued the giving by participating in the build day. American Exteriors happily donated their time to help build this loving home for a family in Denver. With employees help of painting, swinging a hammer, hanging siding, running a power saw and rockin’ a paint brush a beautiful home is being built for a family in need.

Holly Ollier, CEO of American Exteriors, participates on the Corporate Leadership Team for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. In this role, Ms. Ollier, recruits corporate sponsors for Habitat’s events and home building.  Habitat founders wanted to ensure that families in need work side-by-side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.  Habitat’s no profit and no interest financing is affordable to families.  The “Fund for Humanity” that provides the capital needed to build homes includes homeowner mortgage payments, no interest loans and fundraising dollars.

American Exteriors LLC has been offering custom built replacement windows and maintenance free siding products to residents throughout the Midwest and Western U.S. since 1983.  Homeowners that are looking for replacement windows and high quality vinyl siding appreciate that American Exteriors takes pride in providing the best customer experience from product demonstration, to design, manufacture, installation and after-sale service of windows and siding that best fit Homeowner’s needs.  American Exteriors helps Homeowners get the windows and siding that they need and deserve today by offering special financing and convenient monthly payment terms.

American Exteriors manufactures our own replacement window

Very few companies can compete directly with a manufacturer. American Exteriors allows our customers to avoid hefty “middleman markups” by allowing you to buy direct from the manufacturer. American Exteriors replacement windows come directly from our manufacturing facility to you.

American Exteriors windows & siding  allow us to have Customers for Life

American Exteriors creates Customers for Life. We have built our company by holding ourselves to the highest levels of honesty and integrity. American Exteriors grows because we hold ourselves to a higher standard- we treat your house like our own because now, you’re family.

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Customer to American Exteriors Employee

Looking to advance your career, take a look at American Exteriors Jobs and become part of our family.  Dustin was just a customer looking to learn about American Exteriors products and then turned American Exteriors into his job. Read below on why he decided to change his career.

American Exteriors Job

Dustin-Marketing Director

 Click here to see the full video.

Dustin: The marketing director was very very impressive, very personable, down to earth and it just fit well with my wife and I. just an overall pleasant experience, um so I have been in sales before and I wanted the opportunity to take advantage of what American exteriors had to offer.

Question: Okay and you were currently employed at the time?

Dustin: Yes

Question: Okay, so what was it about that presentation that impressed you to submit an application to work with American Exteriors as an employee?

Dustin: The product, it was absolutely mind-blowing the energy savings that came out of the windows, just the education that my wife and I got out of the whole presentation. You really don’t understand about windows until you actually learn about the different, the cheap and the expensive and it was just uh, it came full circle. It was just one of the those things that I had to tell people about.

Question: What do you like best about, now that you have been here for how many months?

Dustin:  Um its been about 11 um I guess it hasn’t been 11 months, its been about 8 months, 9 months.

Questions: 8 months, and so you have been here for quite a while, what keeps you here?

Dustin: The people, the company. I know that I work for an absolutely great company and it’s the connections that I make with the people, visiting with homeowners. In the same situation that my wife and I were in and being able to help them out. And being able to do it from the heart and show them a great product and save them money on their energy bills. That’s the most important thing.

Click here to apply online.

Another American Exteriors Review from a Satisfied Customer

“…My apologies for being tardy in emailing you! I have meant to every evening since last Friday!  I’m sure you know we are finished, I can’t believe it. Our house of fourteen years is now a home :)

This email is just a short one with a couple of photos, more will follow and I will also put a CD in the mail addressed to you. You would like a testimonial…I will give you one or more, whatever you wish to gain more Cheyenne customers for American Exteriors.  Since I spend my days writing Grievance and Unfair Labor Practices as our Union President, if my documents don’t bore you into sleep, they’ll be one of the better letters on our new siding installed by American Exteriors!  I DO expect prospective customers to call me, if not, I will be very hurt!

I cannot say enough about Jay, Mike and Bill! Since they are now members of our “extended” family, I took the liberty of giving Jay’s partners a nickname; I would not be able to spell their names or pronounce them and that would be extremely embarrassing to me and an injustice to them [Jargalsaikan “Jay” Enkhbold].  There is no doubt, I can safely say they are the Surgeons of Siding!

We are so happy we are still in a daze. Jay and his partners simply wore me out, I’m totally exhausted from just watching them in action. If I were 20 again I would not be able to keep up with them. [personal info removed]  Until I get back on the computer, I will attach just a couple photos as a sample. Most important I wanted to make sure you see the signs we are happily displaying!”

Here’s the newest happy addition to our American Exteriors Reviews:

T Russell Cheyenne Wyoming After Mrs

Throughout the Process

T Russell Cheyenne Wyoming AfterT Russell Cheyenne Wyoming DuringT Russell Cheyenne Wyoming Before

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Saving Energy, Saving Money

Saving energy with new windows saves you money. See what Tyler Lenzi from Boise, ID had to say about his new windows- “I am a bit late getting this out, but I wanted to share this with everyone. My June-Sept kWh per day was 77.3, 101.9, 95.6, and 77.2 for the summer of 2012. In April we had 9 windows installed. 6 big ones in the living room, and 3 medium sized ones in the master bedroom. Our kWh per day for Jun-Sept of 2013 was 53.0, 76.5, 76.2, and 57.9. Despite the fast that it was a record hot summer. The main reason was that we no longer needed a window AC in our master bedroom to keep it tolerable. And we didn’t have to keep the main floor 3-4 degrees colder just to keep the other rooms upstairs livable (like office and spare bedroom/bath). That is a net saving of 22 kWh per day on average. Saved us over $400 this summer and is likely to save us money on heating this winter. Definitely recommend getting windows from American Exteriors.”

American Exteriors – Working with Phillip Linnebur

Phillip Linnebur on American Exteriors Windows

My name is Philip Linnebur, I live at 1422 N. Walnut St. and American Exteriors just replaced all of my windows. 18 of the windows in this house and I am really amazed with the product. Its pretty quite in my house. I live near a highway and I don’t hear a thing now and Im looking forward to my utility bills being better.

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