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Saving Energy, Saving Money

Saving energy with new windows saves you money. See what Tyler Lenzi from Boise, ID had to say about his new windows- “I am a bit late getting this out, but I wanted to share this with everyone. My June-Sept kWh per day was 77.3, 101.9, 95.6, and 77.2 for the summer of 2012. In April we had 9 windows installed. 6 big ones in the living room, and 3 medium sized ones in the master bedroom. Our kWh per day for Jun-Sept of 2013 was 53.0, 76.5, 76.2, and 57.9. Despite the fast that it was a record hot summer. The main reason was that we no longer needed a window AC in our master bedroom to keep it tolerable. And we didn’t have to keep the main floor 3-4 degrees colder just to keep the other rooms upstairs livable (like office and spare bedroom/bath). That is a net saving of 22 kWh per day on average. Saved us over $400 this summer and is likely to save us money on heating this winter. Definitely recommend getting windows from American Exteriors.”

American Exteriors – Working with Phillip Linnebur

Phillip Linnebur on American Exteriors Windows

My name is Philip Linnebur, I live at 1422 N. Walnut St. and American Exteriors just replaced all of my windows. 18 of the windows in this house and I am really amazed with the product. Its pretty quite in my house. I live near a highway and I don’t hear a thing now and Im looking forward to my utility bills being better.

Another Great American Exteriors Review

Here is another great American Exteriors homeowner window review. We here at American Exteriors are proud of the relationships we develop in the neighborhoods with friends and family and enjoy sharing our success.

Dear American Exteriors,

This letter is to inform you of the experience we received with American Exteriors. From the moment we spoke with the door to door representative to the construction crew that installed our windows, everyone was friendly and efficient. We appreciated the way everyone was willing to work with our schedule and what day and time was convenient for us. The marketing representative was very thorough and explained all the window options and financial options available to us.

The windows were ordered and ready to be installed within a two week period. The construction crew showed up on time and was able to install all the windows and sliding glass door within one day. They were efficient and orderly and cleaned up all the old material for us.

We are happy with the appearance of our home with the new windows. The inside feels more open and brighter. We don’t have the harsh glare of the sun and the temperature stays comfortable from room to room. The windows and sliding glass door are easy to open and close. The functionality of the windows also makes them easy to clean. We would definitely recommend American Exteriors to our friends and family.

Brian and Shellie Stephens

If you would like additional information, please visit our website at

American Exteriors – Using Time To Our Advantage

The best way to truly determine the validity of a home improvement project is simple – allow time to pass and the homeowner a chance to experience the product. After time has passed, contact the homeowner to determine if they are still satisfied with the product and if it has met their expectations. American Exteriors has utilized this strategy in developing such a great track record with homeowners.

Here is a great example of the homeowner window reviews we receive from homeowners:

Dear American Exteriors:

On May 17 and 18 we had windows from American Exteriors installed in our home. We are writing now to let you know how pleased we are with both the product and the installation.

We were amazed at how quickly your installer, Steven Jones, had the job completed. He had to work around activities that were going on at our home the first day but that did not prevent him from finishing all  the windows on our second floor. He appeared when he said he would and went right to work. Upon finishing for the day, he cleaned up all of the old windows and left no evidence that we had any work done in our home. The second day he completed the job and was equally competent.

Having “lived” with our new windows for almost a month now, we can tell you that we are very pleased with them .The fact that you can clean the windows on both sides from the inside of your house is a big plus. When the windows are open, we can hear the trains and the school children near our home quite well. However, with the windows closed the noise is reduced considerably.

This was our first experience with window replacement and we are happy to say it was a very satisfying one.

Laurena & Ken Stephens

American Exteriors continues to move to the top of the list as a leading energy efficient replacement window and siding manufacturer and we invite you to visit our website at to see for yourself how our energy efficient products can benefit your home.

American Exteriors – Certified To Meet Top Quality Standards

When American Exteriors first went into operation as a wholesale energy efficient window replacement company, we have continually looked for ways to bring homeowners what they were looking for in their homes. Replacement windows purchased through a vendor sufficed for a time, but in an effort to fully provide for the needs of the community American Exteriors decided to open a manufacturing plant in order to maximize the efficiency of our replacement products.

Since opening in 2004, the American Exteriors manufacturing plant has focused on the quality of our products and the safety of our employees. By doing such American Exteriors earned NFRC certification for the energy efficient window replacement products. What does the certification mean? Earning the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Counsel) certification means that the products manufactured by American Exteriors are of the highest quality and qualify as Energy Star rated products. There are many advantages to homeowners who partner with American Exteriors has having American Exteriors as the manufacturer of our energy efficient replacement windows.

In recent years the the Federal Government has recognized the value of reducing a homes heating and cooling costs and have provided generous tax credits that have been applied for Energy Star rated products. Although the federal tax credit no longer applies to energy efficient windows, there are still many provinces which provide homeowners incentive to install energy efficient products in their homes.

If you are interested in more information, we invite you to contact us at

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