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3 Essentials for Excellent Window Replacement

American Exterior Replacement WindowsIf your existing windows are old and failing, now is the perfect time to invest in a better and lasting solution—window replacement. While the project itself is simple, finding the best replacement windows for your Denver, CO home and budget can take some homework. You need to make sure that your choice for replacement windows provides the improved comfort and energy efficiency that your home deserves.

For this reason, you should consider learning more of the essentials that make an excellent window replacement project for your  Denver, CO home. Let American Exteriors, your experienced replacement window company share these essentials:

  1. Framing Material—This component holds the entire window together, ensuring that the unit can keep the harsh elements at bay while preventing cold air from infiltrating your home. That’s why you should consider choosing a window frame material that excels both in looks and durability. American Exteriors, for instance, uses virgin vinyl in the construction of all our windows. These are fusion welded for maximum strength, and undergo a multi-chambered manufacturing process for greater insulation. Additionally, our windows meet the strict requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), which measures the structural integrity, air and water infiltration, and forced entry resistance of vinyl windows.
  1. Glass Package—You’ll want a window that can maintain the thermal comfort of your interiors and reduce your cooling bills. The advanced glass that comes with your new windows plays a large role in this. For example: your premier window company in Denver, CO, American Exteriors, offers windows in double or triple pane options. They also come with Low-E coating that reduces UV light transmission; keeps your furnishings, walls, and flooring damage-free; minimizes noise transfer; and lowers your energy costs.
  1. Spacer—American Exteriors’ selection of durable and energy-efficient glass windows isn’t complete without our excellent DuraSeal™ spacer. This expands and contracts at a rate similar to the entire window, which means there are no seal failures, moisture between the glass, and significant energy loss. DuraSeal™ spacer also has great Argon resistant bond line adhesives that keep the argon gas in your window longer to save you more energy.

With these essentials in mind, making the most of your window replacement project is easier. Just turn to American Exteriors, your experts for window installation in Denver, CO, and we’ll make sure that your new windows can maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home.

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4 Important Features to Look for in Siding

American Exteriors Siding Is it time to replace your old, worn out siding? Choosing new siding for your home is is an important decision. It is much more than selecting the material and color you want. There are other factors to consider when planning to install new siding.

Your replacement siding should greatly improve your interior comfort. It should also be able to complement your architectural design while adapting to your local environment. American Exteriors, the premier company for home improvement in Denver, CO looks at four features that should come with your new siding:

  1. Ease of Maintenance – Siding can be a challenge to clean, as it wraps the majority of the exterior of your home. For replacement siding that doesn’t need much cleaning and maintenance, choose vinyl siding. Unlike wood and other materials, it only requires a simple wash using a garden hose to keep it in top shape. American Exteriors offers the top-quality Presidential Siding Collection that allows you to save time and money on maintenance.
  1. Weather Resistance – Before making your siding decision, it’s crucial that you understand the climate in your area. You should select a siding that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Our vinyl siding for Denver, CO area homes, guarantees no dents from intense winds and heavy downpours. By installing our siding, you can ensure lasting protection for your home.
  1. Insulation Features – Your siding choice can also play a part in keeping your home better insulated from outside noise. We offer vinyl siding that comes with a 1 ½-inch thick contoured insulation standard. With this, your family can enjoy a more peaceful and comfortable home.
  1. Stylish appearance – First impressions last, that’s why you need to make sure your siding will look attractive. Like your vinyl windows in Denver, CO, your siding is one of the first things visitors will see when they come to your home. Our siding products are available in many styles and color combinations. Their finely textured low-gloss finish provides the look of freshly painted wood. You can also choose from two equally beautiful profiles: the classic clapboard or Dutch lap.


Choosing the right replacement siding can be time-consuming, but it is very much worth the time and money. For the best siding products and services, give American Exteriors a call at (800) 794-6369 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation with our experts.

Home Improvement: Answers to Your 4 Most Common Questions

blog article1If your home will undergo a remodel soon, it’s always best to have an action plan in place. Siding and window replacement are two of your biggest opportunities for realizing a strong return on your home improvement investment.

When planning a home improvement project, there are many aspects of the project to consider. Asking questions is necessary; this will help make your decision-making process easier. American Exteriors, the premier company for home remodeling in Denver, CO and throughout the Midwest and Western United States, answers four of your most common home upgrade questions:

  1. “How can new windows improve my home energy efficiency?” – As the climate becomes warmer and utility bills continue to rise, many homeowners turn to products that can help reduce energy costs. New windows can help with that. American Exteriors provides replacement windows in Denver, CO that have insulated glass units and DuraSeal spaces. They can come in either double or triple-pane series, depending on your home’s needs. These features help minimize energy loss, resulting in less reliance on utility systems and lower energy costs.


  1. “What’s the best siding option for my home?” – The ideal material for your home depends on your particular needs. For a siding that remains durable and beautiful even with little maintenance, go for vinyl. Our vinyl siding can withstand extreme winds, rain, and storm without warping or peeling. They also offer deep, realistic shadow lines, and rich color combinations that can boost your home’s curb appeal. An occasional wash with a garden hose is all it takes to retain its condition.


  1. “Should I take the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach or hire a pro?” – While some resources may encourage DIY, hiring a pro is still your best option for major projects, such as replacing your siding in Denver, CO. A single mistake on the material or installation can mean more stressful and expensive repairs.


  1. “What should I look for in a home improvement contractor?” – It’s important that your contractor have a local license and is properly insured. He should also be able to show you samples of past work, so you know what to expect once hired. American Exteriors offers all this plus many happy customers sharing the results of their home improvement projects. We have over 30 years of experience creating better homes for homeowners and their families in the region. With our proven knowledge and expertise, we make every home improvement a success.


For the best window and siding services in your local area, turn to American Exteriors. Give us a call at (800) 794-6369 or complete our contact form to learn more about our services.

American Exteriors Renews Partnership to Provide Windows to Habitat for Humanity

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – American Exteriors, LLC, a leading manufacturer of custom built replacement windows and maintenance free siding products, recently announced it has renewed its partnership with Habitat for Humanity. The company is an official corporate sponsor and has provided direct contributions and custom windows for Habitat for Humanity projects. In addition to providing building supplies, American Exteriors’ employees regularly volunteer for local Habitat for Humanity projects to provide critical repairs to existing home and to help build homes for families in need throughout the year.

According to the Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, the demand for affordable housing in the Denver Metro area has reached a critical state.  Currently, 25% of Continue reading

American Exteriors Sponsors Annual Habitat Golf Classic

Annual tournament to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – A leading manufacturer of custom built replacement windows and maintenance free siding products, American Exteriors is pleased to announce that it once again was a corporate supporter for the Annual Habitat Golf Classic. The golf tournament was held on June 1st, 2015 at the Glenmoor Country Club in Cherry Hills Village and the money raised will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and the Habitat Interfaith Alliance.

“American Exteriors was very proud to sponsor and participate in the annual Habitat Golf Classic Tournament this year,” said Holly Ollier, Continue reading

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