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American Exteriors – Enjoying Success In a Competitive Industry

In such a competitive industry as energy efficient products find themselves in, American Exteriors continually rises to the top of competition. There are many reasons which we feel that our energy efficient window and siding products rise to the top. One reason is our warranty. Homeowners are often appreciative of the care American Exteriors has taken to ensure that our warranty is the most competitive in the market. Homeowners also comment on the product as the reason American Exteriors has enjoyed such success. As the manufacture of our energy efficient windows, we are able to ensure the most technologically advanced product on  the market.

This homeowner review is a great testament to what makes American Exteriors stand out in an ever growing, ever competitive market.

At the time our home was built (and probably yours) Oldack Windows were very popular. These were poor quality windows, the air seal breaks and the windows fog, the frames are rotting and they have no coating to reduce solar radiation. We needed replacement windows, we were fortunate to select American Exteriors windows.

As we selected windows we had three objectives. We wanted low maintenance frames, tinted windows to reduce solar radiation and we wanted to add value to our home by improving the curb appeal. With the American Exteriors windows we got our objectives met plus lots more. Our home is quieter, we feel fewer drafts near the windows, and also our new windows have and ultraviolet factor to reduce fading of our furniture. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that the windows are warranted forever – America Exteriors will repair or replace our windows and patio doors forever at no cost – the warranty is even transferrable to a future buyer – WE LIKE THAT!!!!

You probably notice our home near the intersection of Farmington and Old Farm Road. If you think it looks great now, look again this spring and summer, we have planted about 450 Holland bulbs.

Our experience with American Exteriors has been a real pleasure from start to finish. Our salesman was patient and thorough without any high pressure. Tow days after signing the order we received a beautiful bouquet thanking us for the order. The installation crew were jovial, excellent craftsman, willing to explain things and they cleaned up well and left the windows sparkling clean. They pointed out houses in which they had replaced the windows years ago while working for another company — the vinyl of the windows has shifted colors from the trim so that the replacement windows are obvious and unattractive – our home has no appearance of replacement windows.

Ours is a project home for sales purposes and we invite our Star Watch II neighbors to give us a call to get acquainted, have a cup of coffee and take a good look at the windows. We will be happy to answer any questions that we can.

What else can be said? IF you need replacement windows or patio doors we wholeheartedly recommend that you consider American Exteiors. As their leading competition says, “If you can find a better window, buy it”…WE DID!!!

Paul and Dorothy Heim

We encourage you to visit us at to see how American Exteriors can help you on your next energy efficient remodel.