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American Exteriors – Finding a Company You Trust For Home Improvement Projects

With the coming of summer in 2014 many homeowners are looking for a company to assist them with their home improvement project to make their home more energy efficient. Most homeowners find it difficult to choose a company to assist in their home improvement projects because of the risk of scams, among other things. American Exteriors strives for customer satisfaction putting customer service as a high priority along with the energy efficient product American Exteriors offers to their customers.

American Exteriors has developed trust among their potential and previous customers by offering energy efficient windows, siding and roofing products with excellent customer service. These homeowners were a bit skeptical because their home improvement project was a large one. Their fears were put to rest as they worked alongside American Exteriors’ installers for the project and they were amazed at the results. Read below to see what they said about the project from beginning to end!

Dear American Exteriors,

At first we were a bit skeptical. We had seen the product at the Council Bluffs Home Show and loved it. We were contacted a few months later. Meanwhile we had decided to slowly replace our 113 year old siding with cedar siding which we “drop channel” ourselves. Upon taking the call from the marketing people and meeting with Grant, a marketing representative we were in a quandary. We put a calculator to the square footage of just the cedar boards pricing and were hooked. Can we really do this we asked each other? Can we afford this we asked each other? We have to do something we told each other. We started adding foam and underlay to the equation. That did it. We discussed financing with Grant and signed the papers.

Around two weeks later, we received a call that the siding crew was to be here in two days. We managed to install the remaining five windows upstairs in two days. Then we had uncertainty. What if they did a half-way job? What if it just did not lo ok professional. The morning they arrived we sealed the existing siding around the windows with wood sealer in fear it would be exposed somewhat. Here they were. “Is this 208 5th Ave” called out a man we came to know as Chuck. Observing the truck and trailer I replied “does it look like it needs it”. “Heck yeah” was the reply. “This is it” I said. Up went the house wrap as Chuck and his one man crew explained why I had not needed to seal around the windows. I went to an appointment and came back and they had one side of the house almost done. The race was on. While Chuck and his man worked through periodic rain siding, we worked to cut out old siding to replace the flashing and underlay at the union of the main house and the huge sun porch and the front porch on the other side. Then to replace the siding over the flashing. We beat them by three hours. Throughout we and Chuck and his man and the next door neighbor kept up an easy going banter for the three days of work and rain. Finally, the afternoon sun came and it was done. We all were done.

We walked around the house while the neighbors stood holding each other in awe. They raised their children in our house many years ago. My wife’s sister in-law came today and said “Oh My, really? Oh My, It’s amazing. I can’t believe it.” There is absolutely nothing square in or on this house. In our remodeling we have accrued enough tools to rival an independent contractor. Chuck and crew were undaunted. They walked around it, made a few notes and took off. Had it not been for the rain they would have been done in just two days. No kidding. If I had not been there racing to beat them I would say it was a good fishy story. A dream come true, product and expert and awesome installation and a like new house that will match our cedar siding which I will wrap around the side of the sun porch to meet the siding at the main house juncture on the both sides. We are so glad that we are so comfortable with the decision that we made.

Thanks to all,

Dennis and Glenda Dunaway

As you can see these homeowners got the assistance they needed for their energy efficient home improvement upgrade from American Exteriors. They came to trust American Exteriors and they not only had their fears allayed, they got the energy efficient siding that they had envisioned for their home. We strive for customer satisfaction here at American Exteriors. If you would like more information on your own home improvement project visit us at