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American Exteriors – Homeowner Review

Some review don’t need an introduction and this is one such review!

Dear American Exteriors,

American Exteriors was a great company to work with. I currently have a schedule that changes at lot, and they were able to work with me. They made sure to come only when it was convenient for me. Even when I had to reschedule they did not make it difficult to set a new time to meet. American Exteriors was great at being on time. The time I scheduled with them was the time they showed up, I was not left waiting around for someone. American Exteriors was an easy company to get a hold of, when I contacted them, I talked with someone right away. The whole contact was very efficient and the staff was always professional. The windows were ready in a very quick time frame.

Once the measurements were completed it was only roughly a week and a half before they were ready to be installed. I did not have to wait a long time to them to be manufactured. On the day of instillation it was very quick. The company arrived on time and they got right to work. They did not hang around; they started as soon as I showed them what windows were being replaced. The installation guys were very polite and courteous. They took their shoes off when they entered the house, even though I told them they didn’t have to worry about it. I was impressed with how quickly the guys worked. They did not do a lot of chatting and joking around, they were very focused the job at hand.

After installation they cleaned up the area and made sure they left the rooms the way they were when they arrived. The guys made sure that the windows were sealed like they were supposed to be and checked on them multiple times. The guys were really good about making sure I knew how to work the windows. They made sure I could lock/unlock them and how they slid. They even showed me how to remove part of the window if I would want to clean the other side. The installation crew was very good at answering any questions I had.

I am so impressed with my new windows they are beautiful. I have been fixing up my house and I feel like the windows just make the house look so much better. The windows are easy to open and easy to clean. They make a crisper outlook from my house. With these windows I am able to get more of a window. My last windows had more wood work with them that took up the actual window. I got three of seven windows done and I am without a doubt going to be getting the other four windows done. I am so happy with the entire process; it was smooth and did not take long before I was enjoying my new beautiful windows. I highly recommend American Exteriors as a great company to work with. I’m a very impressed American Exterior Customer!


Jessica Stake

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