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American Exteriors Insulated Vinyl Siding

What is the best way to give your home a new look? Many homeowners will go out with a paint bucket, scraper and a ladder every three years or so to change the look of their home and maintain the exteriors. However, over the life of the home this can become very expensive. An alternative to yearly painting is to remodel your home with an insulated vinyl siding. There are many benefits to an insulated vinyl siding product.

  • Return on Investment

According the the Remodeling Magazine – Cost vs. Value 2012 report, homeowners can expect a 69.6 return on their investment. When combined with the energy savings of the additional insulation properties, this can be a wise energy investment indeed.

  • Easy Maintenance

Due to the technology used for our American Exteriors insulated vinyl siding, American Exteriors will not warp, rot or peel. To maintain the beauty of the product, a simple wash with the garden hose will restore your product.

  • Durability

American Exteriors insulated vinyl siding utilizes impact modifiers to provide durability to withstand the damaging effects of the wind and weather.  Our insulated vinyl siding also includes weather resistant pigments to maintain the look of the siding.

If you would like additional information about how our insulated vinyl siding is right for your home, contact us at