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American Exteriors – Interior Fall Checklist for Homeowners

If you take a look at the higher peaks of mountains, or live in a mountainous area, you may see what we here in Littleton, Colorado – the corporate office of American Exteriors – snow. Yes the time of year is coming when the mornings begin to get a nip in the air.

It is at this time that you, as a homeowner, should begin to reflect on the tasks which may need to be done in the home to prepare for the cold weather. Here is a great task list from American Exteriors of a fall checklist –


1 – Check and replace any and all air filters. This is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective task to perform as the cold season arrives.Maintenance of the heater and boiler systems are crucial to an energy efficient home in the winter. Therefore, make sure the heater and boiler systems are checked and cleaned

2 – Dust and clean all vents. Also, ensure that the vents are properly opened and working.

3 – Have your heater unit checked by a professional. A functioning, efficient heater unit is an integral part of an energy efficient and therefore, should be checked and cleaned.

4 – Check the insulation in your attic, basement and if possible, the walls of your home. Thickness levels vary for the different parts of the country but the correct level of insulation will do much to reduce the energy loss to your home. Click Here to check for the recommended levels of insulation in your area.

These are just a few of the many interior tasks to be performed to get your home ready for the upcoming cold season. In our next issue we will address a few of the exteriors home tasks to be performed.