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American Exteriors LLC : Leading the Industry in Lead Safe Practices

As a window manufacturer in the remodeling industry, American Exteriors LLC has worked to increase energy efficiency and safety for homeowners through our products and our process. We have enjoyed working as an industry leader as we follow guidelines of such organizations as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure homeowner safety.

For example, in the past few years American Exteriors LLC has worked to increase the awareness and safety of remodeling homes with lead based materials. Why is increased caution used when remodeling homes with lead based building materials?

How does lead pose a danger?

When remodeling a home, dust levels and paint chips can rise to improper levels which could cause damage to children and adults. According to the website of the EPA,improper levels of lead can potentially damage the brain and nervous system. Lead can cause behavior and learning problems and slowed growth in children. In adults, some of the risks may be high blood pressure and hypertension, nerve disorders, or muscle and joint pain.

Remodeling Safely

Due to the safety concerns, the EPA has placed very stringent requirements upon agencies dealing with building materials which contain lead. American Exteriors LLC is proud to be an industry leader, working with the EPA to ensure the safety of homeowners and installers by ensuring strict adherence to their  stringent Renovation, Repair, and Painting laws.

Homeowner safety and satisfaction is the key element to our growth as a leading window and siding manufacturer in the United States.

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