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American Exteriors LLC – Remodeling Historic Homes

Working with older homes is always a challenge. There is a historic “feel” to the home. You do not want to change the integrity of the look of the home. The goal when remodeling historic homes, especially of American Exteriors LLC,  is to compliment the home and the homeowner. We have over 25 years of experience remodeling different types of homes, including homes such as these. We enjoy sharing these letters of success when homeowners send them to us.

American Exteriors LLC,

My home a was built in 1920 and I love its personality. I knew the windows were not energy efficient but I didn’t want new windows for fear of changing the original look of my home. I kept thinking the high utility costs were worth it not to destroy the integrity of my home.

Corey came, showed me his demonstration, told me how energy efficient his windows were. I told him of my concerns and he assured me but they could do the windows that looked like they went with my home and wouldn’t “stick out”. We chose the windows to be done, worked out a payment program and got the windows ordered.

A few weeks later Tad called, the windows were ready. We set up a date for him to come, and in a day the new windows were in. The people that I have worked with have been amazing. Corey, Tad and his crew.

Then I sat back and watched and listened.
“I wouldn’t have known you had new windows if you hadn’t had the sign in the front yard.”
“They look great!”
“A lot of times and people get new windows you can tell, they look like crap but yours look great!”
“You don’t have a cold pockets in your house like you used to.”
“Dad, your house is so much warmer now.”
“They are beautiful.”

The compliments keep coming in.

Corey told me that everyone says, “The furnace comes on less often and doesn’t stay on as long.” Well, one more time for the record, “The furnace comes on less and doesn’t stay on as long, really!”
I had the windows done that I could afford to right now and in a year or two when I can I will have the rest done.
I would recommend these windows to anyone and have recommended them to my friends.

Thank You!

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