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American Exteriors – New Windows on an Old Home

After purchasing a home, many homeowners realize that their windows are not energy efficient. When they feel drafts of cold or hot air, when their energy bills are higher than neighbor’s bills are, or when your house doesn’t stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer you know that your home is losing energy somewhere. Very often windows are a big culprit in energy loss. Buying energy efficient windows can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency.

These homeowners had lived in their house for 15 years and knew that their windows were not energy efficient. They wanted to replace their windows with new energy efficient windows but could not afford to do the whole house at one time. American Exteriors provided them with an option to replace the windows they could afford to replace with new energy efficient vinyl windows! Read more about this homeowner’s experience below.

Dear American Exteriors,

My husband and I bought our house 15 yrs. ago. We had aluminum framed windows all around except our bedroom window which the previous owners replaced with the cheapest window they could find. All of our windows could be replaced however we were unable to afford them all. We chose to do our two largest windows. They were the worst of them all as we had caulked them closed one winter to keep the drafts from coming in, as the windows were leaking so much. The guy who we spoke to at American Exteriors was a very nice guy who wanted us to get all our windows done but was very understandable that we could not afford all of them. He worked us what we thought was a very good deal and agreed to get our two biggest windows done. They came out and measured, and within 2 weeks our windows were in and they promptly came out and installed them. It took less than 2hrs of my time. We LOVE our new windows. Being able to open them in the summer to suck down the cool air from our swamp cooler has been so nice. The lack of traffic noise has been awesome also. We live close to a main street and the traffic noise has always been an issue. Funny thing is now our front door sounds like it’s open all the time. Seems some new gaskets are in order for our door. We love our windows and would recommend this company to anyone who needs work done.


Rhonda Holcomb

As you can see these homeowners found the right product at the right price and great customer service to go along with it. They got their new energy efficient vinyl windows installed in a short time period and have noticed the benefits of energy efficiency along with a plus, noise reduction! If you would like to learn more about your energy efficient window, siding or roofing project please visit us at American Exteriors.