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American Exteriors | Referred By Friends, Family & Neighbors

Branding, consumer awareness, marketing – regardless of what label you use to define it, the reference is to the same thing, growing your company. There are many ways to grow awareness of a business from catchy commercials, catchy logos, contests, giveaways – the list goes on and on and there is no one way that is a magical solution. But the bottom line is that you are trying to appeal to your customer base.

Here at American Exteriors we have utilized a different approach. American Exteriors has been expanding its reach for over 25 years through  our referral program. The referral program here at American Exteriors has always been integral to our growth and expansion – and it works. From a one market company started back in 1984 to a multimillion dollar company in today’s market, American Exteriors continues to expand it ever reaching window and siding solution across the nation.

In an industry where contractors and products abound, American Exteriors relies on a product that is above industry standard and a customer experience which surpasses that of its competitors. How have they done this? By listening to the feedback from their customers American Exteriors has been able to provide an experience that, according to the website, “is simple, yet difficult for others to duplicate.”

American Exteriors invites you to contact us at in order to find out why American Exteriors continues to be one of the most referred window and siding replacement manufacturers in the industry.