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American Exteriors – Summertime Heat and Cooling Money Saving Tips

American Exteriors reviews the best energy saving ideas for the summer season, including using blinds, curtains, fans, a programmable thermostat, and scheduling maintenance checkups to make sure everything is running efficiently.

Most people think of saving energy in the cold months but it is equally expensive to keep your residence cool and comfortable in the summer saving energy and keeping you comfortable are not mutually exclusive and it is easy to obtain by following a few simple steps.

First, turn off the lights and equipment not in use to save energy. Energy costs are usually built on a graduated scale so take advantage of the longer days and exterior light to illuminate your home and save the energy.

Next, use blinds or curtains especially on South and West facing walls. Most heat enters your home through the South and West side of your home due to the position of the sun and time of day the sun hits your home. Also, keep blinds closed to keep blinds closed to help block out extra heat from entering your home especially when you are not there.

Use fans to reduce the need for air conditioning. Circulating air can make a higher temperature or higher humidity environment more comfortable often letting you set your temperature at 3 – 5 degrees higher.

Install a programmable thermostat to automate your HVAC and save energy when you are away from home or during cooler evening hours.

Finally, schedule maintenance checkups with licensed contractors. Your heating and air conditioning system will deteriorate without proper maintenance.

There are high cost solutions to saving money on your summer energy heating bills as well as low cost solutions. Take advantage of both to keep you comfortable year around.
Saving energy and staying comfortable are not exclusive ideas. Use low cost tips and proven upgrades to save money and enjoy the seasons.

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