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American Exteriors teaches you the proper way to Open and Close a Window to Avoid Damaging Yourself or the Window

American Exteriors LLC teaches you the proper way to open and close your energy efficient replacement window.

Hi, I’m Steve with American Exteriors LLC – industry leading Window and Siding manufacturer. We wanted to take a moment to demonstrate to you how to properly open and close your window. So I’m going to do that here. This is a double hung window, quite simply the first thing you are going to do is unlock both of your locks, grab the sash on the bottom on this fingerboard here go ahead and raise it straight up. Pretty simple -that’s open and we are going to do just the opposite to come down and close it. Now make sure you come straight down, reengage both locks, so that’s securely fastened.

When closing the window there are a few things you want to be aware of to make sure that it does close properly. A lot of time you have furniture, maybe a desk, this could be over a kitchen sink where you have to reach out and extend your arms a little bit to close it. You want to keep in mind, make note that you want to go straight down when you close it. So you want to be on top of the sash, come straight down and then lock it.

What you would want to avoid is pulling the sash out towards yourself. So, very common, is for someone to grab it, they are using their muscles to pull toward them and the window does not want to shut quite right all the way and you will have trouble getting it locked. So again, straight down, the locks engage smoothly.

If the window is not properly seated and fastened correctly you may get drafts between the top sash or the fixed portion and your bottom sash. When the bottom sash is seated correctly and everything is in place as it should be the locks should be very easy to lock and/or unlock. You should never have to slam a window or put excessive force on it to get it to close. If the window is engaged properly it should be effortless to engage the locks.