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American Exteriors – The Right Product. The Right Company.

When making home remodeling decisions, one of the most key factors is choosing the right product. There are many factors used to determine which product is best for you, factors such as color and style. Of greater importance when choosing a product that is right for your home is the performance of the product and the vendor.

In the remodeling industry, we here at American Exteriors have seen home remodeling companies come and go. As a matter of fact, the average business life span of a home remodeling company is around 3 years. As well, we have seen products of many different types on the market and ways of marketing those products. From the door to door sales to the exaggerated claims of how a product could improve the home we have seen them come and go.

American Exteriors has been in business almost 30 years and one of the reasons for our longevity is the quality of our product. We allow our customers to testify as to the effectiveness of our energy efficient products thought their window reviews and siding reviews. Whether in the form of a testimonial letter, a Facebook post or a twitter tweet, the homeowner reviews of American exteriors products come directly from those who have had the work done personally. That is the best form of marketing a company could have, satisfied customer homeowner reviews.

In contrast, we see the result of making exaggerated and unsupported marketing claims. As a matter of fact, the Federal Trade Commission recently released an article regarding window marketers making deceptive energy efficiency and cost saving claims that are untrue and unsupported in an effort to market their products. Certain companies were even brought to litigation as a result of unscrupulous marketing tactics. This is the reason why knowing the vendor and the product are even more important in making a choice than color and style. The right vendor with the right product will enhance your home and improve the quality of your lifestyle. The wrong vendor will leave you frustrated and angry.

We invite you to check out American Exteriors LLC on our American Exteriors Facebook site, our American Exteriors Twitter feed and our American Exteriors website to see what other homeowners have had to say through their window reviews and siding reviews.