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An Amazing New Look from American Exteriors

With the arrival of springtime, homeowners are taking full advantage of the opportunity to work with American Exteriors for their home improvement projects. With over 29 years  of experience, homeowners have found working with American Exteriors an experience worth talking about.

Dear American Exteriors,

We had all new siding put on our house in the historical area of the city. The house was built in 1890. The wood was too dry to scrape and re-paint. We had lots of design and scallops on the house. We did not want to loose all the old charm to the house. American exteriors did a two color siding, grey with white trim, corners and freize board. In addition, they put scalloped siding on the front of the house to keep some of the historic charm to the home. The home looks amazing. The workmanship is very good and the work was completed in a short time with no inconvenience to us.

Pat, Donald and DJ Tille


American Exteriors Transformation





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