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An Unexpected Benefit From American Exteriors

An unexpected benefit many homeowner have enjoyed from energy efficient replacement vinyl windows from American Exteriors is the ability the windows have to reduce outside noise. This is extremely beneficial to those who may work in the evening and sleep during the day or have infants who nap during the day. Although this is unexpected from the standpoint of the homeowner, American Exteriors gives thought and care into the type of products which may be best for your home.

Dear American Exteriors,

We have been very pleased with our new windows. The noise level has dropped a lot since thy have been installed. This ia a great benefit because my husband works the graveyard shift and sleeps during the day.

I am also extremely happy with how easy they are to open and clean. No more bent screens or aching back from having to fight to get them out so I can clean them. We are eager to see what kind of difference they will make in our utility bill. We have yet to receive a bill since they have been installed but I can feel a considerable difference in the amount of heat from them.

All in all we are most satisfied with the service as well as the product we have received.

Jared and Shalean Moore.



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