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Backyard Ideas for Summer

Whether you have a small fenced-in backyard or acres of land behind your house, you have the potential to make the most of the season with some fun backyard ideas for summer. If you are looking for improvements to make your time outside enjoyable as the weather warms up, consider these fun backyard tips from American Exteriors so your family can have a fantastic time without ever having to travel beyond your own backyard.

Small changes can make a big difference

·Invest in patio furniture or clean the set you have to encourage its use when the temperature is just right.

·Add lighting to the backyard so the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.This can be in the form of fixtures attached to the side of the house, safely hung in the trees, freestanding on the patio, or tabletop lights.

·If you don’t have sound system speakers connected to your patio, buy a portable device like an internet radio player or a small stereo with a built-in music player dock. Every party needs some music, and bringing that music outside where the guests are will ensure that your gathering takes full advantage of your outdoor space.

·Add potted plants or set aside some backyard space for a flowerbed or small garden. If you don’t happen to have a green thumb, pre-planted pots can be bought at just about any gardening store. This will add bursts of color as a backdrop to your summer party.

·Don’t forget bug spray! One drawback to backyard parties in the summer is the insect population. Make bug spray available to your attendees and find an insect repellant device that works for your climate and space.

·Make sure that patios and backyards are fully accessible by repairing or replacing a sliding glass door or French / hinged patio door.

Big ticket items can have the largest impact on backyard fun

·If you have the space and finances, consider installing a pool to escape the heat and enhance the entertainment potential or a hot tub or sauna for cool summer evenings and, in some cases, year round.

·Construct a deck or patio to add a sitting area where you, your family, and guests can enjoy board and card games along with a tasty outdoor meal on a beautiful summer evening.

·Add a trampoline to the mix for the kids and teens to enjoy.For safety and appearance, some homeowners choose to have a custom hole dug that the trampoline can sit in, keeping the jumping surface level with the ground.

Some of the best parties are unstructured gatherings where everyone can just relax and enjoy themselves with great food and even better company. With plenty of summer ideas for the backyard for any home and budget, explore new ways to utilize your own space. For more information about home remodeling, join the conversation with American Exteriors on Facebook.