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Do Replacement Windows from American Exteriors Help Heating and Cooling Costs?

Many people question the value of upgrading the windows in their home. Lets face it, the hole in your wall IS plugged. So the existing windows might let in a little air or fog up at times, it’s still better than nothing, right? Will I really see a return on my investment from energy efficient windows?

Many homeowners ask themselves these questions, especially at this time of year as the home improvement season begins.  Here is a great response in the form of a homeowner review, someone who has worked with American Exteriors LLC:

“Wow. Let me say that backwards, Wow.

I knew the windows would reduce our utility bill. This summer we paid over $100 less per month and had much more comfort in the house, especially in the west rooms.

When we took hail damage the windows had no damage at all. Unfortunately the air conditioner fins were bent and the air conditioner froze, both inside and out. When the air conditioner was repaired the frozen pipes thawed and the water from the ice melt went inside the furnace shorting out a control board. This last week the overnight temperatures were in the 30’s with daily highs in the 50’s. After 3 days we noticed that the house was cooler than comfortable. That is when we found out the furnace was not working!

I look forward to saving money on heating this winter and from now on.”


We invite you to see for yourselves the American Exteriors LLC home improvement solution that is right for you.