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Getting The Most From Your Windows

From time to time, we here at American Exteriors LLC have questions from homeowners about how to get the most from their energy efficient replacement window solution. Perhaps the homeowner is experiencing drafts, cold air, or condensation from their windows and is uncertain why. After making a financial investment into the home with American Exteriors LLC, we want to make certain that you are getting the maximum performance possible from your energy efficient windows. In order to accomplish this, American Exteriors will be hosting a series of tutorial videos related to enhancing your window solution. Although these videos are designed with American Exteriors window solutions, you can utilize these tips for any energy efficient window.

Some of these videos may seem to be fundamental or even simple, but from the  standpoint of a manufacturer who places emphasis on customer satisfaction, we here at Amext want to make sure that we are covering window care from A – Z.

The first video is How to Open and Close a window. Enjoy and look for more.

American Exteriors LLC – How To Properly Open A Window & How To Properly Close A Window