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How to Operate your Single Hung Window – Replace & Remove the Sash

American Exteriors LLC teaches you how to properly remove and replace your single hung window sash.

Hello and welcome again to the American Exteriors energy efficient windows tutorial. Today we are going to be discussing how to properly remove and replace your window sash. So here – I am going to demonstrate how to properly remove the sash on a single hung window.

Quite simply, we am going to start by unlocking the sash. Turn both locks, raise your sash up about 3 to 4 inches from the bottom, grab your tilt latches on either side of the sash pull them toward the center which releases the sash. Bring it down to about level. You are going to want to put your hands on both sides of the sash and raise one side at a time. That will come loose easily. Lift out the second side and there you have it – the sash is removed quite simple

In order to put the sash back in we are basically going to reverse the steps. So again, the bottom of your sash, here you have your pivot bars. Your pivot bars need to sit down into the shoes that are inside the frame of the window. So we are going to come back, just about level but on a slight angle we are going to start one side at a time. Get them inside the frame first the left side down into the shoe then the right side down into the shoe. You should be able to support the sash with one hand if they are seated in the shoe correctly. Give a little tap to make sure they are engaged all the way go ahead and rotate your sash up and lock it into place. Once a window sash is locked into place it should slide up and down easily. If you have any resistance to sliding go ahead and tilt it back out and make sure that the pivot bars are seated down into the shoe. Try it again and once again it should slide easily and there you have it – how to remove and replace your single hung window sash