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Labor Day – Home Maintenance Fall Checklist

Celebrated as a day to honor the social and economic strides of the American people, Labor Day is a holiday enjoyed by millions of Americans yearly. The last holiday of the summer season, Labor Day is a day to enjoy a vacation, have a barbeque or just go to the drive-in.

Labor Day also heralds the coming of fall. This is a time when most homeowners are looking to put the last of the summertime projects to rest and begin fulfilling the items on the home maintenance fall checklist in order to prepare the home for the fall season.

Here are a few tasks to consider as the season approaches to check off the list:

Home Maintenance – Interior

Fall Checklist – Item 1.

Maintenance of the heater and boiler systems are crucial to an energy efficient home in the winter. Therefore, make sure the heater and boiler systems are checked and cleaned

Fall Checklist – Item 2.

Check the insulation in your attic, basement and if possible, the walls of your home. Thickness levels vary for the different parts of the country but the correct level of insulation will do much to reduce the energy loss to your home. Click Here to check for the recommended levels of insulation in your area.

Fall Checklist – Item 3.

Clean or replace any air filters

Fall Checklist – Item4

Dust and clean all vents. They should also be free from obstruction.Also, remember that heat rises so vents on the main level or near the floor should be opened to maximum capacity to improve the efficiency of the heater unit.

Home Maintenance – Exterior

Fall Checklist – Item 5.

With the cold season approaching, make sure that tree and bush limbs that overhang the home or driveway are trimmed. With the cold of winter, the sap in trees or the weight of snow can cause the branches to snap and break potentially causing damage to cars or vulnerable spots of the home,

Fall Checklist – Item 6.

Replace the screens with the storm window frames. Check the condition of the windows. Are there noticeable gaps around the metal or wooden frame of the window? Is the caulk peeling or cracked? Are the cracks in the glass? Fall is a great time to consider energy efficient vinyl windows. American Exteriors LLC is certainly available to come out and give you additional information. Give us a call at 1.800.7window

Fall Checklist – Item 7.

Check around piping and wiring that go through the exterior walls of your home for gaps that will allow drafts and even pests into your home.

Fall Checklist – Item 8.

Blow out the sprinkler system. You might need to call a professional to handle this. Also, drain and coil the garden hoses