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Replacement Energy Efficient Windows From American Exteriors

Homeowners often comment on how the American Exteriors process made them glad that they decided to move forward with their energy efficient window remodel.  Customer care has always been an integral part of American Exteriors. Working with homeowners for over 25 years has allowed us to perfect our process in dealing with homeowners from the beginning to the end.

Here is a great homeowner review in regards to the American Exteriors process.

Dear American Exteriors,

Our window replacement experience with your company has been top-notch. Everyone we have dealt with has been polite, helpful and professional. Steve the salesman took the time to explain exactly how your windows are made. The heat blockage demonstration with the heat lamp and your windows was very impressive.

The installers, Gary Cline and B.J., were right on time and had the job done by 2:00pm. They answered all our questions and did a very professional job.

The new windows look so much better than our old ones. The existing windows were 26 years old with water stains and scum so bad, they never looked clean. The new windows are so clear that it almost looks like there is no glass present. The windows also slide open and closed very easily. Our old windows would stick during humid weather and be very hard to open. These new windows open and close very easily.

We can tell an improvement in the windows just pulling up in the driveway. They look slick and gloss instead of dull and dirty. The wrap around the outside of the windows looks very good. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone needing replacement windows.

Jeffrey Raymon
Joy Raymon