Vinyl Siding Doesn’t Need to be Replaced as Often as Wood Siding

American Exteriors LLC vinyl siding is designed and manufactured to give you the ultimate in beauty and easy-care living. We start by carefully selecting and blending only the finest raw materials to create our production formulation. Each ingredient in this formulation is chosen to enhance the overall beauty and performance of the siding.

The elements are no match for us

Impact modifiers provide durability to withstand the damaging effects of wind and weather. Other ingredients provide weather-resistant pigments which create rich, attractive colors that will stay true for as long as you own your home. Other benefits include:
Easy maintenance
Premium materials and advanced manufacturing assure our siding won’t warp, rot or peel. We guarantee it. Even better, it’s weather-resistant construction never needs sanding, staining or painting. A simple wash with a garden hose restores like-new beauty. Choose from classic clapboard or Dutch lap profiles.
Attractive appearance
Deep, realistic shadow lines combine to make our suffix the easy and natural choice. It’s gently rounded edges, elegant exposure width, and finely textured low-gloss finish evoke the look and feel of freshly painted wood.
Hidden ventilation
Continuous airflow is vital to keep attics cool and dry, yet the appearance is sometimes less than desirable. Our soffits feature invisible vented panels to promote airflow, yet retain the beauty of natural wood soffit.
Vertical option
If your home’s dominant architectural lines are vertical, you can create a dramatic impact using Board and Batten Vertical siding. This design produces deep, crisp shadow lines that add realistic appeal.
Quality trim work
An easy way to add interest, appeal and lasting distinction to your home!

Vinyl Siding Doesn’t Need to be Replaced as Often as Wood Siding

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