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The Best Reasons To Replace Your Windows – American Exteriors

When you sit down and think it through, replacing the windows in your home may seem to be a clear choice. Replacing the windows may seem to be the best choice because you may have a broken window pane or due to drafts in the cold season. When it comes to the priorities o f the home, replacing the windows can clearly be the priority.

  1. Sound Resistance – The sound barrier provided by an energy efficient window filled with argon acts as such a natural barrier, homeowners are often surprised by the amount of sound blocked by the windows.
  2. Natural Light – Given the manufacturing technique of energy efficient replacement windows from American Exteriors, our windows are designed to maximize on the natural light without compromising the interior environment of your home
  3. Energy Efficiency – It is hardly surprising that energy efficient windows from American Exteriors help to save money on heating and cooling costs, but what is surprising to most is how quickly they begin to see results. Often homeowners will notice the heating and cooling unit activating less to maintain the inner temperature of the home.
  4. Safety – American Exteriors windows come standard with limit latches for safety. These limit latches allow the homeowners to sleep safely knowing the window cannot be opened and allow an intruder in. As well, due to the durability of the glass, homeowners with children or neighborhood children whom have had rocks, baseballs, and even bb pellets strike the window have attested to the benefit of the dual paned double strength glass.
  5. Warranty – As with any product, having a warranty ensures peace of mind. The American Exteriors warranty provided provides homeowners the opportunity to address any issues which may arise from their window solution. Our prompt customer service department ensures the highest quality care should there be an issue as many homeowners have attested.

Here is a great homeowner review attesting to the benefits of their American Exteriors energy efficient window solution.

To: American Exteriors, INC

“I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your service. Everyone who I had business with from the first person at my door to everyone else that came to my home was very professional. It was a pleasure to do business with you. The explaining of your windows and what they would do and perform, I find it live up to everything promised. The work was done promptly and with courtesy. It’s hard to tell you how comfortable it has made our home.

Some of the things we like about the windows is how much the outside noise was cut in half. In the morning I would sit in my dining room with the sun shining in and before it was so hot I had to move where it didn’t let the morning sun shine in. Now I can sit there without any heat from the outside making it too hot to be comfortable. So far we haven’t had to turn on our air conditioner til late in the afternoon. We turn the air conditioner at about 9-10 at night and we sleep very comfortable. We believe that in winter we will have the same success with heating our home.

Thank you for your way of doing business

P.S. The exterior sure looks better. We aren’t selling our home but people stop and want to buy it.”

Ray & Gladys
April 22, 2006

That is a great testament to the benefits of an American Exteriors window solution. For more information contact us here at