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The Best Time to Remodel – Choosing When to Replace Windows, Siding, and Doors

Replacing your windows, siding, or patio door can be quite a project, so you will want to make sure you pick the best time to remodel.Here are some guidelines from American Exteriors to help you schedule your home remodeling projects.

Replace Exterior Elements during Mild Seasons

If it’s not an emergency repair, most customers choose to remodel their homes during spring, summer and fall months, especially when it comes to items such as windows and doors that open to the outside. If you are doing a major remodel that could leave your home exposed to the elements for longer periods of time, you have to consider the duration of time required to complete your project as well.Because renovations like replacement home windows are completed in a day or two, inclement weather can usually be avoided and are therefore projects that can be completed throughout the year.

Prepare for Harsh Weather

A major benefit to a mild weather installation is that your home will then be prepared for either the heat of summer or the cold of winter. After installing energy efficient windows, compare utility bills to the previous year and you’ll notice the difference. These improvements will continue to pay off in the years to come.

Budget for Your Renovation

Before you install vinyl replacement windows or begin to tackle any major home remodeling projects, it’s crucial to budget for the renovation. Ideally, you’ll have the luxury of comparison shopping to find the best deal and best company for your needs. Prices can also vary greatly, so if top-of-the-line windows or patio doors are your desire, it makes sense to give yourself adequate time to save for them. The same holds true for replacement siding.

If you are replacing windows for efficiency or aesthetic reasons, the best solution is to replace all of your home’s windows at the same time to avoid any discrepancies in style or installation. If budgetary concerns prevent an overall remodel, determine which replacements take priority. Be sure to get an estimate for both the cost of the product and the installation price.

When deciding the right time for home remodeling of windows, siding, and doors, consider the seasonal impact of the weather during and after installation, as well as the time during the year that makes the most sense budget-wise for your household.

There are more tips and resources for your home remodeling projects on the American Exteriors Facebook page.