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Top 10 Summer Activities at Home: Making the Most of Your Space


Summer is here, and with it comes barbecues with friends, picnics at the beach and park days with the family. Needless to say, summer is the time families like the most for going out to have a good time. Still, you don’t need to go anywhere to enjoy a little fun in the sun. In fact, you and your family can have some of the most memorable times of your life enjoying these summer activities at home from American Exteriors.

Here are some backyard ideas for summer that will keep you and your family busy and happy.

1. Make a backyard water park. You don’t need to have a pool or live close to the beach to throw on your bathing suits and splash around. Sprinkler hoses, homemade slip-and-slides, squirt guns and water balloons all make great alternatives to the beach and they can be great fun without the chlorine – or the sand.

2. Go camping. The best camping could very well take place in your own back yard. In fact, grab a couple of tents, pack an overnight bag with a flashlight and some scary storybooks, make a few snacks and take the family for an adventure, right at home.

3. Have a Grill-n-Games day. Cooking outside is actually one of many ways to save energy at home. Heat up the grill, throw some meat on the grill and set up a game of your favorite sport, be it football, soccer or baseball. Not as much of a contact sport sort of family? Depending on the size of your backyard, set up an entire array of games like horseshoes and cricket, or plan a mini-golf tournament, complete with obstacles and little flags.

4. Catch bugs. Your kids will love catching little critters in your back yard, whether it be crickets or butterflies. Have a bug book ready so that they can have fun identifying what they’ve caught, and then setting it free.

5. Make a mess! Slime, bubbles, mud pies…there is nothing more fun for kids of all ages (and most parents, too!) than to make their own messy, sticky, or gross things. Get some paints or chalkboard and create your own works of art right on the driveway. Or turn on the sprinklers, throw on your swimming trunks and see who can make the most puddles.

6. Make some cash. There is no time like summer for kids to test their entrepreneurial skills by selling lemonade or perhaps some homemade popsicles. But you don’t have to let the kids be the only ones to earn a few bucks. Plan a yard sale with the family. You can clear the house of clutter and make some extra cash. Just make sure to check local ordinances before advertising your big sale.

7. Movie marathon. Movies are synonymous with summer, whether you go to the theater or stay home. But if you don’t feel like spending a pretty penny for a good time, pick out some funny, happy movies from your DVD collection, sit in front of the television with an array of your favorite snacks and have a day-long marathon. Invite some company for a movie marathon party or, if you have a projector and a big enough yard, pick a classic summer blockbuster and have an outdoor movie night with your neighbors.

8. Plant a garden. Incorporate green living into your summer activities for home by planting your very own garden. Look at various design ideas online and teach the kids how to dig and plant. Pick out some beautiful flowers and trees and get your house ready for summertime.

9. Yummy coolness. Nothing says summertime like homemade ice cream. Teaching your kids how to make ice cream is as simple as it gets. Just grab some freezer bags, one smaller than the other. In the smaller one, pour milk or half and half, sugar and the flavor of your choice. Seal it tight and place it inside the bigger bag. Layer the bag ice, then salt (table salt works), then ice, then salt, and so on. Seal that bag tight and shake the ice cream for around five minutes. Ice cream is served!

10. Pool party! Of course, if you do have a pool, it’s pool party time! Invite some friends, fire up the grill and have your whole family enjoy some good old-fashioned sun by the poolside. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

American Exteriors understands that you don’t have to spend green to have fun with your family. Whether it’s making ice cream or going camping in your back yard, your family can spend some quality time together doing summer activities at home.You can’t put a price on that!

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