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Vinyl Siding Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl siding replacement is one of the most popular ways to remodel home exteriors today, and the industry has come a long way over the years in providing a variety of colors and textures to suit just about any homeowner.Leading home remodeler American Exteriors offers answers to common questions about installing vinyl siding.

Why should I choose vinyl siding over other exteriors?

One of the most significant factors in choosing to install vinyl siding is the cost. About half the price of wood, brick, and other materials, vinyl is the most economical choice. And if it’s the natural look that’s important, improvements in vinyl siding now allow for a wide variety of colors and textures, including some types that resemble actual wood.The value goes far beyond the look, however. Vinyl never rots, dents, flakes, scratches, blisters, or peels.Not only does vinyl protect, preserve, and increase the beauty of your home, it doesn’t conduct heat and provides superb energy conservation.

How do I maintain my vinyl siding?

The best feature of vinyl siding maintenance is that it’s minimal. The only maintenance required on a regular basis is cleaning, which can be done with the spray from a garden hose. For dirt or mildew spots that may build up where the sun doesn’t hit the home, you can use a soft-bristled long-handled brush and some mild detergent. Power washers can also be used to clean vinyl siding, but be sure to use a low pressure setting.

How weather resistant is vinyl siding?

Vinyl allows the material underneath to breathe, which helps resist mold and mildew while at the same time diverting water away from the sub-wall underneath, reducing water damage and making sure water doesn’t reach interior walls. Also, most vinyl is rated for winds up to 110 miles per hour. Nevertheless, should your vinyl be damaged, replacing vinyl siding is much easier than repairing or replacing other exterior surfaces.

Why are price estimates so different for vinyl siding?

Price estimates are based on many variables, such as how much of the current exterior needs to be removed or whether any damaged wood must be replaced. Although new vinyl can sometimes be layered over existing vinyl, there are occasions when the old vinyl must be removed, and this can increase costs.

Overall, the cost, maintenance, appearance, and durability of vinyl siding replacement far surpass that of other home exterior options. For more information on the installation of vinyl siding, join the conversation with American Exteriors on Facebook.