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What Makes American Exteriors Stand Above the competition

As you begin the journey to select the company to replace your windows, there are many websites that offer advice on things to look for from the company with your best interests in mind. American Exteriors stands above the competition and here are the answers to a few of the criteria questions to ask?

How Good is the Warranty?
A warranty is only as good as the paper that it is printed on. The true test to the worth of a warranty is two-fold:
Will the company be around to honor the warranty?
American Exteriors has been in business for over 27 years. In an industry where most home improvement companies are generally around 5-10 years. American Exteriors has proven our longevity through our expansion and growth.
How difficult is it to have your service issues resolved?
American Exteriors has multiple means of being contacted by homeowners to have their issues addressed. From our web page to our Facebook page, we ensure that our homeowner partners have the ability to contact us to resolve any issues which may arise.
How Good Is The Product of the Company –
American Exteriors Energy Efficient Window and Siding products consistently exceed the Energy Star requirements required to carry the energy efficient star. Because our products are custom built for each home, American Exteriors has the ability to ensure that each product is manufactured to the quality that American Exteriors demands for the company and for the homeowners that partner with us.

These are just a few of the reasons why homeowners have chosen to work with American Exteriors. If you would like to find out how American Exteriors stacks up against your criteria, we invite you to contact us at We look forward to your call.