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Why Homeowners Choose American Exteriors

There are many things that home owner’s look for in a company to assist them with a large home improvement project. Most home owner’s want a company that they can trust, that has excellent customer service skills and a good product to go with it. Sometimes it’s hard to find these things in a company. American Exteriors is all of these and more.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important things to our customers here at American Exteriors. We offer a wide variety of energy efficient windows, siding and roofing. One homeowner said in their testimonial that they have seen a significant difference in their energy bill since having American Exteriors windows installed.

Customer service is another very important issue with our homeowners. Many of our testimonial letters that we receive from homeowners are praising our customer service. We stay in contact with our customers from the first appointment through the project and after if there are any issues. Customer service is one of our top priorities!

Installation of the product is highly important when doing a home improvement project. We pride ourselves on our installation crews. Our installers are sure to do the job right the first time. They are efficient in their work and clean up after themselves. Many homeowners write how pleased they are that there was nothing for them to clean up after the installation was completed.

As you can see, American Exteriors feels our customers are the most important people and we show them by ensuring that they feel comfortable with their home improvement project. This is why customers choose us for their window, siding and roofing projects. For more information on American Exteriors please visit us at