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Window Screens and Child Safety

Searching online for the topic window screen safety you will find many articles related to the hazard screens can pose to child safety. Each year, according to the information found on these websites, hundreds of children are injured from falling out of screens that they are leaning on. Pet owners also bemoan the fact that their pets can push out the screens and escape. According to the cautions issued by many window manufacturers, the purpose of the screens is to act as an insect repellents and are not strong enough to withstand the force children or pets can place upon them.

What can you do to ensure the safety of your children as well as pets? There are many sites that have advice in dealing with the situation. Here are a few that are common:

  •  If you have double hung windows, lock the bottom sash and open the window from the top.
  •  Remove any furniture around the window a child might climb on.
  •  Do not expect window screens to prevent falls. They are not designed to withstand the weight of children.
  •  Do not leave your child unattended with access to an open window.

This is very good, simple, practical advice to assist in keeping children safe.