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Window Shopping: Builder Grade v. Professional Grade Windows

When building a new home, remodeling a home, or adding rooms, windows are one the most important features to consider. Windows provide natural light, play a key role in making a home more energy efficient, and add to the overall beauty of the exterior of the house, so choosing the right ones is a crucial decision. American Exteriors provides a few tips on choosing windows and what the difference between builder grade windows and professional grade windows means for you.

Choosing Windows

There are many features that a homeowner will want to look for when determining which windows to install.Energy efficiency, ease of cleaning, and how extensive an installation is required are just some of the factors to consider when deciding to buy new windows. Of course price is also an important factor, and there can be a wide range of prices in window choices, even if the windows appear to be similar. One reason for this is the distinction between builder grade and professional grade products.

Builder Grade Windows

Builder grade windows are often used in new home construction.They are typically low-cost and often used to meet a builder’s price point. The term “builder grade” comes from the fact that the price is only available to builders when an item is bought in quantity by construction firms. Builders often try to keep the cost of the home under a certain dollar amount, and window selection is one of the areas they are able to cut costs.

Builder grade windows often offer lower energy efficiency and minimal features. These types of windows are usually single hung, which means that only one section of the window moves, ordinarily the bottom half. Most do not offer easy cleaning options, such as grids between glass and tilting features.

Professional Grade Windows

Although not all builder grade windows are low quality, as a general rule, professional grade windows offer more value and longer life. While builder grade windows are sold at large retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot, professional grade windows are usually only sold through qualified window installing companies.

Professional grade windows offer many features such as tilting and grids between panes to make cleaning easier. Many are available as double hung so that both the upper and lower portions of the window slide to allow for better airflow. Professional grade windows also offer better warranties than builder grade windows.

Builder grade windows are less expensive than professional grade, but it is important to look at more than just price when installing replacement windows or building a new home. By adding durability, features, and extra life to the windows, going with professional grade can increase the market value of a home and in the long run, offer a much better return on investment.

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