Statesman Single Operator: Our Windows Beautify and Insulate

For those wanting a high performing window without all of the bells and whistles, American Exteriors offers its Statesman series.  With a thinner frame and the same glass package, each American Exteriors window performs at the highest standard you have come to expect from our company.  The biggest difference between an American Exteriors Diplomat double operator and an American Exteriors Statesman single operator is that the Statesman series only has one moving IGU instead of two.  The performance, however, of all replacement windows will meet the rigors and demands of the highest and lowest temperature climates throughout the United States.

American Exteriors Statesman Window Parts

Each Statesman Series window uses Duraseal™ all-in-one spacer and custom designed frame to provide durability and energy efficiency.  We check to make sure that every component of your American Exteriors Statesman window meets the same Energy Star requirements of our Diplomat series product at a lower price point.  We haven’t held anything back on the construction of your window, we just made it less costly by securing one pane of glass to the frame and leaving a single pane operable.

American Exteriors Windows are Cost Effective

Because we are the manufacturer, American Exteriors can make adjustments to our windows and the manufacturing process to offer you a high quality product at fair price.  We don’t over-engineer our windows with things that you don’t need so we keep your cost low.


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