What to Expect in the Window Installation Process

Home window replacement is often a daunting remodeling project for homeowners because of the expense and process involved, but by knowing what to expect during the window installation process, you can be better prepared to ask the right questions and make sure the job is done properly.

American Exteriors offers this guide to the average replacement window install. Of course certain procedures may vary among contractors, but these steps will provide an outline when considering replacement vinyl windows.

Service Contract

Be sure that the contractor includes disposal of your old windows in the service agreement. Also ask if exterior trim is included in the price or added as an extra cost.Most home window replacements include clean-up, but it’s always a good idea to verify that all materials and waste will be removed.

Before Installation Begins

Before the workers begin your replacement window install, talk at length with the job foreman.The best thing to do is a physical walk-through of your home, pointing out which windows must be replaced and what they are to be replaced with.Using sticky notes to give the crew information about what window is going where is a great way to make sure that windows are replaced correctly.Be sure that the crew lays drop cloths inside the home to protect flooring from damage and dust.If you have flower beds under the windows being replaced, ask the crew to also place drop cloths around them for protection. Do a final check of each window against the order to be sure the correct windows have been delivered.

Installation Process

The contractors will start by cutting the ropes in the sash of old windows, if they are present.Newer vinyl windows will not have ropes, and this step may not be necessary.The windows are removed and taken outside, and the new window is set into place.Once the replacement window is in place, it will be leveled with shims, which are thin, tapered materials used for adjusting.Once the windows are installed, exterior trim, known as cladding, is installed to provide a tight seal, protecting the window from moisture.

After Installation

When installation is complete, the crew should broom-clean the interior area if that was included in the contract. If any new windows are missing or a second installation has to be rescheduled, do not allow the contractor to board any windows. Instead, leave those old windows in place until the new ones are ready to be installed.

With the cost involved with replacement windows, it is important to understand the process that goes into window replacement. For more information on home window replacement, join the conversation on Facebook.

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