Replacement Patio Door FAQ

When it’s time to shop for a replacement patio door, it’s important to consider all factors and options that affect your purchase. American Exteriors provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hinged and sliding glass patio doors.

Why should I replace my patio door?

Repairing or replacing a door that isn’t working properly is always a good idea for several reasons, including the impacts on home security, energy efficiency, and home value. Patio doors also provide a stylish transition from the inside to the outside of your home, and you may wish to replace a door to match remodeling you’re doing elsewhere.

What are the benefits of hinged or French doors?

Whether you are replacing worn out patio doors or framing out a spot to install doors for the first time, this could be the style for you. French doors, sometimes referred to hinged or hinged French doors, offer an elegant and sophisticated appearance, while maintaining full functionality and access to the outdoors. They can also enhance a home’s curb appeal and provide the same level of security available on other entry doors. For residences, French doors are usually manufactured in wood with customizable hardware, and the material and finish you choose will determine the appearance of the installation and the upkeep required to keep it looking nice.

What are the benefits of a traditional sliding glass patio door?

Sliding doors are easy to operate and do not take up any additional space when they open because they slide sideways rather than swinging outward. One advantage of sliding glass patio doors not found on French doors is the option of a sliding screen so the door can be opened to let in a cool breeze without letting in insects. Sliding doors are typically available in wood, aluminum, and vinyl frames. Vinyl is the most flexible option because of the low maintenance required and options for several finishing styles.

How will a replacement patio door affect the home’s energy consumption?

Old doors and windows are some of the biggest culprits of energy loss in homes today. By replacing doors that are warped, not insulated, or damaged, you can enjoy the savings and comfort of better energy efficiency at home year round.

Does my patio door make my home less secure?

With the options available today like alarm systems and double latch locks, the issue of security no longer has to be a deciding factor when it comes to enjoying full use of your patio door. Most new French doors and sliding glass doors include safety and security features that make patio doors just as secure as any other exterior door in the home.

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