Top 10 Reasons to Install Replacement Home Windows

If your old windows still successfully perform their main function of providing light, why would you choose to install replacement home windows? American Exteriors examines the top 10 reasons homeowners everywhere are replacing old windows with new ones.

1.Utility rebates for energy efficient windows.When you have replacement home windows installed, utility companies often will provide you with a rebate if the windows are energy efficient double- or triple-pane windows. Such an incentive could potentially save a homeowner hundreds of dollars annually.

2.Decreased utility costs.In addition to available rebates that result in lower bills, more energy efficient windows will also work to lower energy bills each month because your home will be better insulated. Better insulation results in less heat loss in the winter and less work for the air conditioner in the summer.

3.Environmental benefits.Using less energy thanks to more efficient windows will surely save you money, but it will also decrease your household’s dependence on valuable resources. Every house that upgrades to new energy efficient windows aids in the cause to help the environment by reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

4.Old windows may leak water.Mold is a serious issue that can result from leaky windows. In many cases, the mold will fester behind the walls where you can’t see it.Not only can this endanger your family’s health, but it can also cause structural damage to the home.

5.Cracked windows are dangerous and not energy efficient.A draft will be the least of your worries when you realize that the expansion and contraction of a cracked window during daily temperature fluctuations could cause a crack to become a break.

6.Old windows may be manufactured from harmful materials.Window frames painted with lead-based paint were once common practice. Vinyl replacement windows solve two issues at once by eliminating exposure to harmful substances and providing much greater energy efficiency than the old windows that more than likely had lead-based paint.

7.New windows are aesthetically pleasing.Your current windows may have matched the original look of the house, but if you’ve repainted, replaced window treatments, or are renovating your home in other areas, the remodeling project will look incomplete with outdated, old-fashioned windows.

8.New windows can be fitted with insect screens.Many older windows were not built with the option of screens in mind, so letting in the summer breeze also meant letting in the summer bugs. Screens take energy efficiency a step further with the opportunity to open windows and turn off the air conditioning when the weather is right.

9.New windows can open and shut easily.Do your windows easily slide open and closed? Can you open them at all? Over time, windows can warp and become wedged in place, preventing them from opening. Enjoy fresh air with an operable sash, casement, or double-hung window installed to replace old, non-functioning windows.

10.Vinyl replacement windows are inexpensive.Not only can you buy the product at a reasonable price, but you can have it professional installed by window technicians who are trained to deliver a top-notch final product in your home.

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