American Exteriors LLC Reviews The Best Home Improvements For 2010/2011

Whether considering renovating you home for resale or just to give it a face lift, home improvement projects are usually driven by one fact, which one gives the best bang for your buck. American Exteriors LLC has taken the time to review and compare R.O.I. renovation trends over the last few years and as expected, certain renovations just make sense. There are many home improvement projects that American Exteriors LLC has reviewed and we have seen that, year after year, replacing windows and siding come in the top 10 investments with the greatest ROI.

In today’s struggling economic housing market, taking the time to make your home stand out can mean the difference between a quick sale and stagnating in the listings. American Exteriors LLC manufactures their energy efficient products to assist in not only the quick sale, but also making your living environment as comfortable as possible. According to the American Exteriors LLCreview of the 2010/2011 Remodelingcost vs value breakdown, replacing your current exterior with a foam backed vinyl siding, such as the type American Exteriors provides for energy conscious homeowners, has an over 60% recoup average. As well, from an energy conscious viewpoint, American Exteriors LLC manufactures a siding with an insulating foam backing designed to create a seal around the envelope of your home, thereby giving you greater control over the inner temperature of your environment. Not only do you recoup the cost of the siding, but you month after month benefit from the energy savings.

For American Exteriors LLC, reviewing the trends of homeowners has helped us to appreciate that the visual aspect of upgrades is just as important as functionality. That’s why with American Exteriors as the manufacturer our vinyl window products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as capable of products have an over 70% return on investment. American Exteriors has a variety of colors and styles designed with you as the homeowner in mind.

Isn’t it time to allow American Exteriors LLC review with you how your home renovations can turn into home appreciation? Contact us at 1-800-7-window (1-800-794-6369) or visit our website at

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