American Exteriors LLC : The Holiday Spirit

During the first snowstorm of the month, there was a recent experience of an American Exteriors LLC employee that is worth recounting. The American Exteriors LLC employee related how his dog had escaped out of the front door and he had the frustrating task of trying to track her down. As he was employing his Daniel Boone skills and tracking the dog in the snow, a little elderly lady opened her door and asked him in a very tiny voice if he minded doing her a favor. You see, with the recent heavy wet snow, the weight of the snow was breaking the limbs of all of the trees causing considerable damage and expensive cleanup. She asked in a quavering voice if the American Exteriors Employ would mind knocking the snow from the branches of the tree in her yard to save her the expense and the cleanup because her legs were unsteady and she had no one else. The American Exteriors LLC employee decided, no need to review his options, that helping this little old lady would make him feel a lot better.

With the holiday season approaching, the focus turns to family, friends and loved ones. Supermarkets are reviewing their stock of turkeys and potatoes and shops are blasting Christmas music, reminding all of the holiday season. We are constantly reminded that this is the season to appreciate being alive and part of the human family and to appreciate those whom we call mother, father, brother and sister. Those whom we call family.

But as with the experience of the American Exteriors LLC employee, there are many who do not have those connections or whose connections are broken. Now is the season not only to remember our own families but also those who are alone, those who would also appreciate a kind word or deed. That is the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

Long live the spirit of the holidays.

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