American Exteriors LLC 2012 Home Improvement Trends

With 23 days until 2012, homeowners are studying the housing market to answer the question, will 2012 will be the turning point? According to the information provided by The Standard and Poors Housing Index we may be on the right track.

That would make NOW a great time to look into the top 2012 Home Improvement trends.

Why is now such a great time to do so? Home buyers are now looking for a place to settle. With the data of the past 5 years of the housing market in focus, home buyers for the 2012 season are no longer looking simply for investment properties. The idea of buying a home just to “flip it” does not have the same economical value of say 10 years ago.

Homeowners looking to sell recognize that with so many new homes on the market, making home improvements allows older homes to be competitive in today’s housing market. Manufactures recognize that with such a “buyers market”, the demand for goods and services associated with home improvement are steadily on the rise. Whether you fall into the category of making home improvements for maintenance purposes, to improve the aesthetics and environment of your home or to increase the overall value of your home, there are many factors to consider before deciding on a course of action.

Here are two important factors to keep in mind when deciding what 2012 improvements to make on your home.

1. Your neighborhoods median value – whether you choose to stay in the home or sell in the future,  upgrading your home past the neighborhood median value will make it far more difficult for you to sell your home.

2.R.O.I. dollars – do your research to determine what 2012 home improvements have the best return on your investment.

Here are a few according to Realtor Mag 2010-2011 cost vs. value analysis:

1. Entry Door Replacement

Cost recouped: 102.1%

2. Garage Door Replacement

Cost recouped: 83.9%

3. Siding Replacement

Cost recouped: 80.0%

Just as important as what to do is who is doing the work for you. With the advent of global communication, knowing who is working on your home is as easy as ‘www’. Find out about the company you are hiring by obtaining references from homeowners who have worked with the company. Research what kind of certifications the business has and what kind of professional organizations the business belongs to.

American Exteriors LLC prides itself on being a company trusted in the community to provide quality products which stand up to the test of time and add value to your home. Visit us at to see why we are the leading home window and siding replacement company of the Rocky Mountain region. We invite you to contact us and see for yourself why American Exteriors LLC is YOUR home improvement company.

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