American Exteriors LLC – Affecting Change Through Job Opportunities

Ways you can improve your local community…. This was an article headline in The Boone Examiner today.

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is slowly, but steadily declining. Jobs are available in many sectors as the nation continues to improve and members of the community are beginning to ask what can they do to improve the community of which they are a part of.

According to The Boone Examiner there are 4 areas which you may be able to affect change:

  1. Shop Locally
  2. Get involved in local elections
  3. Fix the schools
  4. Create job opportunity’s

We here at American Exteriors realize that we have an obligation to the many communities which we are a part of. With branches in 13 states, American Exteriors has the unique opportunity to increase job opportunities of many in the community.

How are we able to do so? American Exteriors creates jobs for local contractors. Working with an established home remodeling entity, such as American Exteriors LLC, allows many single operating contractors to gain the training and certification needed to become experts in the field of remodeling energy efficient replacement windows and sidings. We also provide job opportunities in the community for our Advanced Survey Team as we establish connections with homeowners in the field. As well, we also provide job opportunities for in sales, office and support staff.

The goal of American Exteriors is not simply to be a window and siding contractor but to be a support to the local communities and home owners as we continue to improve the energy consumption of homes nationwide

If you would be interested in joining our team of skilled professionals, please visit our website at American Exteriors LLC careers.

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