Resolving Issues with Your Home Remodeling Project

Ok so it has happened.

You finally took the plunge and decided to have a professional home remodeling company come out and upgrade your home. You have responsibly prioritized the needs of your home, you have done the research on the remodeling company and the product and you have obtained references from prior customers and the Better Business Bureau in your area just like a smart consumer is supposed to. You liked the demonstration by the representative and everything has been going as it should.

But what do you do when things start to go wrong? No one has contacted you for an installation date or there are issues with the product being delivered? Problems such as these can leave you with a sinking feeling about the company you partnered with to accomplish your remodeling project.

There are a few proactive steps you can take before your project begins to ensure a great remodeling project

  • Educate yourself as to the process being done.

Ask questions such as: Is there any labor that I am responsible for, do I have to move anything or will it be moved for me, will I need to schedule time to be home, how much time, etc.? Having these questions answered will do much to avoid misunderstandings?

  •  Get it in writing.

If there is additional work to be done, make sure that it is in writing, in the contract or as an attachment to the contract.

  •  Get the names, direct contact numbers, or even email of the project managers or whomever is in charge of the project.

Often times, someone may give you a generic phone number or a number to an assistant. It can become very frustrating to play phone tag when you have a question or need something addressed.

  •  If there is an issue or concern, address it right away.

From scheduling to product to installation, if you have a concern, make sure that you communicate the issue immediately in order for it to get resolved.

  •  Never assume that a job is done to your standards just because it is a professional company.

Scrutinize the work being done. Make sure that the product and the installation are done to the standard you expect.

Every project by a professional company is done from the standpoint of the homeowner and the standpoint of the company that the project will be done to a high standard. After all, a company doesn’t become reputable unless it holds to the highest of standards. However, issues may arise and the best way to address them is to be prepared. Using the checklist provided is a great way to ensure a great process

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