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As homeowners work with American Exterior and provide their reviews on their projects, we utilize these American Exteriors homeowner reviews to improve on our processes and products. For example, when customers give us feedback on product improvements such as stronger screens to better protect children and pets, we listen.

We encourage homeowners to do their due diligence when shopping for products for home improvement products. This assists us in helping homeowners to realize the quality of the product and the value of the process as well.

Here is a great American Exteriors review which attests to the experience homeowners have with American Exteriors.

May 31, 2012

Attn: American Exteriors Staff & Potential Buyers
RE:  Testimonial on Windows

For all those thinking about purchasing new replacement windows, we would wholeheartedly recommend American Exteriors.  Not only do we seem to have more open space to see out, they work like a charm.  Before we replaced the windows, it took almost my whole body to get some of the windows open.  Now it literally takes just a finger to slide them open and shut.  A few other features we like are: the windows can open top-down and bottom-up for varied air circulation and latch very securely; the screens are durable even when pushed on by our cats and dog; and the insulation factor has helped regulate heating and cooling.  In fact, the windows were actually installed last fall and at times felt warmer than the adjacent wall during some of the colder winter days.

Regarding the American Exteriors people with whom we came in contact, the salesperson, Alex, was knowledgeable and thorough with his explanations.  The heat-lamp demonstration was particularly useful and clearly showed the superiority of American Exteriors’ windows.  The only part of the sale pitch we found disturbing was the lack of time we were given to make a decision.  We’re not sure how other people make financial decisions, but we don’t typically choose to spend thousands of dollars on a whim.  Though we did not like the high pressure sales technique of having to make a quick decision, we had actually done some research into replacing our windows prior to meeting with Alex.  As a result, we did see the value in what he was saying.

Gary was the one-man crew who worked on installing our new windows.  We were a bit concerned when he showed up alone and thought we were in for a long relationship, and mess, with him.  To our great surprise and joy, Gary worked quickly and neatly replacing all 17 windows in our house in less than 4 days.  The entire time he was working at our house,Gary was conscientious about our wishes and treated our home as if it were his own: keeping his working area orderly and cleaning up every night before he left.  He showed great skill and seemed to take a lot of pride in his work.  In talking with him while he was working, it was obvious that he not only enjoys what he does but also strongly backs the products he was installing.

On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being perfect), we would rate the product and service we experienced at a 9.  The windows and installation are fantastic, but the sales model would be the only factor that lowered our opinion from a ten.


Shaun & Kaye Hart

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