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As a leading energy efficient replacement window and siding manufacturer, American Exteriors has seen that although there are driving factors to success, there are small building blocks that play a large role in our success as well. We have seen that a large part of our success is due to our customer satisfaction. But what are some of the factors which influence customer satisfaction? According to many of the customers we have worked with, a very important factor in customer satisfaction is the willingness of the contractor to be flexible.

American Exteriors realizes that homeowners are busy. Therefore we have created a process which is a least intrusive as possible. One of the areas which contribute to our success is our abilities as a manufacturer. By having the ability to control the speed of the manufacturing process, we are able to hold ourselves accountable to the customer for a speedy install with a great product.

From Mike and Lita Martinez

To American Exteriors:

Today, we had nine (9) windows and a slider glass door installed by American Exteriors. As our windows were being installed we had the opportunity to view the work and the product being installed. The contractors were very professional and courteous and respected our home, furniture, as well as Mike and I were very busy working in our home. They left areas clean, windows clean, and respected our wishes as to which windows to install next based on our convenience.

The windows look very nice and we can already notice the decrease in noise from outside, (we live right next to a very busy street). We feel very comfortable about our windows and confident that they will give us a much warmer home for years to come.

From the very beginning, the service from American Exteriors was very good. The contractors actually agreed to do the installation on a Saturday as I run a business out of our home and would have been very difficult and noisy to do the installation during the weekday. We are very appreciative that they were agreeable to work on a Saturday. And they worked very hard, doing a very professional job.

Thank you American Exteriors and all who worked to get our windows ordered, measured, installed and also making it possible for us to afford these great windows.

We certainly hope to keep in touch in the even we were to need more improvements to our home in the future.

Thanks again,
Mike and Lita Martinez

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