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Have you every looked forward to a time of peace and relaxation in your home on a hot summer day? You have the house cool with your air conditioner working overtime to combat the 90 degree plus temperatures just the way you like it, a cool beverage and your latest hobby ready to go. As you begin to relax you hear the traffic from the cars driving by, kids playing on the street, the conversation from the house next door, all little things to intrude upon your peace and quiet.

From kids playing to cars and lawnmowers, and even the occasional neighbor celebration, there always seems to be noise from the outside making its way into your home. Having the windows and doors closed only seems to help minimally so you may wonder what the reasons you still hear outside noise are. There could be many reasons – from a lack of insulation in the walls of the home to single pane windows. Single pane windows allow the transfer of much of the exterior noise into the home as there is nothing to insulate the home against the exteriors elements, including noise. If you have single pane windows you may experience the windows rattling from heavy traffic, trains going by or strong winds blowing. As the manufacturer of our own energy efficient windows, the American Exterior window solution has been manufactured to negate these exterior elements.

This is something that continually continues to amaze the homeowners who have had American Exterior windows installed in their home. From Facebook to blog forums, American Exteriors clients remark on how the windows fit snugly into place and as a result the panes do not rattle and the sound insulation is remarkable. From a more technical standpoint, the reason for this is due to the gas which is applied between the double or triple pane glass systems. The multi-chamber frame allows space for noise absorption. For more information on how American Exteriors energy efficient windows are manufactured, visit our site at

Summertime is the time for barbeques, parties and fireworks as we experienced yesterday, July 4th. If you are feeling powerless as you search for peace and quiet in your home read the American Exterior window reviews of homeowners who have had their windows replaced with our energy efficient products. Replacing your existing single pane or builder grade windows with an energy efficient American Exteriors window solution may be the only thing you need in your search for relaxation.

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